ES Health and Fitness

Train Outdoors

Bored of running on the treadmill and going nowhere? Why not train with us outdoors? Gyms aren't for everyone so at ES Health and Fitness we train all our clients outdoors in parks or in the confines of your own home.


Weight Management

 If you want to lose those pounds you've always wanted, train with us and incorporate our Nutritional Advice to gain the full benefit. We'll have you feeling confident and have an increase of energy



With our Boot Camp style training, your increase your strength without "bulking up". A combination of cardiovascular and core exercises will see you gain that six pack you've wanted or firm up.


Train for a Special Occasion

With a combination of our training methods outdoors or at home we can help you reach your targets. If you've wanted that beach body or look even better on your wedding day our training methods will help keep that motivation.